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If you or a loved one is seeking immediate help for recovery, the drug abuse hotline is available 24/7 to provide any information you need


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We are located in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States. A map to guide you to our facility is available on our website.

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About us

Welcome to the Center for Combating Heroin Abuse in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our facility strives to provide the absolute best care for patients that are addicted to Heroin. This addiction is toxic and can result in the loss of friends, family, employment, and even life itself.

It is a fearful experience to confront the emotions and life experiences that are the root cause of heroin addiction, but it is a necessary step. Our center offers unconditional support to each individual that wants to reclaim their life from heroin.

Our nurses, psychiatrists, physicians, and therapists are experts in the field of heroin abuse and treatment for addiction. We look at the entire spectrum of history associated with substance abuse, not just heroin because there are often co-occurring dependencies and disorders that must be addressed.

Our treatment center digs deep to get to the underlying cause of each individual’s addiction and identify the triggers that led to their substance abuse. We look for patterns that could make patients stray from the path of sobriety so that they can be focused on in treatment to avoid repeated relapses.

Relapse is the main thing we try to inhibit, so our focus is always on keeping the occurrence of relapse down by targeting areas that may not be addressed at other centers. The health and recovery of each and every individual is the primary goal of our center, and all of our staff are focused on that mission as well.

Reclaim your life and look forward to a future without a dependency on heroin or other harmful substances. Our patients can focus on recovering their strength and peace of mind with a personalized treatment program that addresses every requirement they need for a successful recovery from addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, seek help.

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Sharing Needles

Clean needles are important when anything is to be injected or dug into the skin.

Unsafe Sexual Behavior

The euphoric feeling produced by heroin increases the likelihood that people under the influence will participate in sexual acts that expose them to the diseases

Decreased Immune System

A decreased immune system results in the body being less able to fight off and dispel contaminants

Treatment Program

Our treatment center takes a comprehensive look at patient health to give them the treatment they need for all disorders and disease they deal with

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At the Center for Combating Heroin Abuse in Lincoln, Nebraska we focus on the full rehabilitation and treatment of individuals suffering from addiction




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