Family Programs in Heroin Abuse Treatment

Addiction is a chronic disease that causes large changes in an individual’s life and the lives of others around them. Family members and loved ones can become completely isolated from their former self and afraid to take action. It’s a tense and emotional situation to be in, leaving families feeling lost and broken, blaming themselves for their loved one’s addiction. If your loved one is suffering from heroin addiction, you no longer have to feel alone with the Center for Combating Heroin Abuse in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Our center provides education about substance abuse and co-occurring disorders based on the latest research and evidence. This information is crucial for families to understand what their loved one is going through and dispel any myths about the disorder. Confusion among member is common, but with our family education program, you no longer have to feel lost about your loved one and their addiction.

Families can share their experiences and rebuild their relationship in our family room designed to feel safe and peaceful for every individual. Strengthening your bond between family members builds a strong support network that can work together. We teach families how to create good home environments that ensure a lasting recovery from the effects of addiction and prevent the relapsing of addicted individuals.

Our family education program encompasses 12 areas of interest that have been recognized by a national science advisory board as the topics families need to know to help them through the recovery process. Each individual within a family will gain knowledge of several types of resources for treatment so they can find one that meets their needs. If you or another family member wants to apply to the program individually, we will match them to the program that best fits their needs as well.

The education program is led by both clinicians that have extensive experience with heroin addiction and recovery and family members that have experience dealing with individuals suffering from substance abuse. Our curriculum is built around 12 sessions that introduce families to topics like:


  • Dealing with the negative stigma of addiction
  • What successful recovery looks like in yourself and your loved one
  • How to go about finding quality treatment
  • Understanding the components of addiction as a disease


Our staff is highly trained and experienced in working with both individuals and families. If your loved one is suffering from addiction, do not leave yourself out of the recovery process. Addiction and treatment affect families as well as the individuals struggling with substance use disorder.

We have several resources available for you to find the program that will give you the support you and your family need to get through the recovery and treatment program successfully along with your loved one. These resources are important when it comes to creating and maintaining a safe place for loved ones to continue on the path to recovery once our treatment program has been completed successfully. The focus of your family should be on lasting recovery from every part of life that was affected by chronic substance abuse.