Heroin and HIV

Heroin use in itself does not increase the risk of becoming infected with diseases or viruses, but the behaviors that accompany heroin use do. Individuals with a heroin addiction engage in a number of risky behaviors that expose them to various dangerous bacteria. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, there are various actions that should be avoided, but are common practice, when using the drug.

Sharing Needles

Clean needles are important when anything is to be injected or dug into the skin. Addicted individuals display poor judgment, which can lead them to use unsafe equipment including needles used by other people. Sharing needles is extremely dangerous, significantly increasing the risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis. Drug users that inject substances made up more than 50 percent of all new hepatitis patients in 2010.

Unsafe Sexual Behavior

Drug addiction is expensive, and to supplement the habit, some individuals turn to activities like prostitution. To support their addiction many people will engage in unsafe sex with strangers and individuals with diseases like HIV, hepatitis B, HCV, and others. The euphoric feeling produced by heroin increases the likelihood that people under the influence will participate in sexual acts that expose them to the diseases mentioned above and infections of the body.

Decreased Immune System

A decreased immune system results in the body being less able to fight off and dispel contaminants. HIV further weakens the immune system and, if not treated, can lead to developing AIDS and further STDs.

Our treatment center takes a comprehensive look at patient health to give them the treatment they need for all disorders and disease they deal with. It is imperative to treat their illnesses as well as their addiction because the health of the mind and body come together to make treatment successful. Their overall health is the key to overcoming heroin addiction.