Scary Facts About Smoking Heroin

Scary Facts About Smoking Heroin

Scary Facts About Smoking Heroin

Smoking heroin is never good for you. This because smoking heroin can cause damage to both your mind and your body. The reason people enjoy smoking heroin is that it gives the user a euphoric “high” that feels very good to them. That’s why people can be addicted so quickly.

Heroin is a synthetic opiate made from the synthetic morphine, which can be found naturally occurring in poppies. It is a Schedule I controlled substance in the United States. This means it has no legitimate use when it comes to medicine and is only recreational.

What Does Smoking Heroin Do To You?

If you are smoking heroin, then you are inhaling the fumes while you burn the drug. That means you’re breathing in the smoke that it gives off. The drug moves right from the lungs into the arteries and toward the brain where it can take effect. Smoking is one of the more popular ways of taking heroin, but you can also inject it and snort it.

There is the incorrect idea that smoking heroin makes it less addictive than if you snort or inject it. This isn’t true. The drug is very addictive no matter how you take it. The best way to not become addicted is not to take it.

People can become addicted to this drug because it immediately affects the brain. This causes people to continue to seek out the drug compulsively. This means that they no longer have any choice.

Does Smoking Heroin Get You High?

Yes, smoking heroin gets you high. That is the primary reason people tend to smoke it. It convinces the brain to release large amounts of dopamine. This is a pleasure response, but unnaturally high.

Heroin also can make users feel invincible, and this has to do with how it can block the user from feeling pain. Heroin is an opiate which is usually used as painkillers. That is because they change how the brain perceives pain.

Those who use heroin are in it for the high they experience and are trying to chase that high. When someone uses a drug regularly through their tolerance increases. Tolerance is when the body gets used to the drugs, so it needs more to get the effect the user wants.

This ends up causing users to use more and more heroin which makes them more likely to overdose on heroin.

Over time smoking heroin can cause lung problems or affect the heart, liver, and kidneys. It can also eventually cause brain damage.

Smoking Heroin Side Effects

There are many side effects that smoking heroin can cause. These side effects include:

–    confusion

–    dilated pupils

–    dry mouth

–    itchy skin

–    light sensitivity

–    low body temperature

–    nausea and vomiting

–    slowed respiration and heart rate

Eventually, heroin use can lead to overdose. An overdose is when too much of a drug is taken at once, and the body can’t handle it. Overdoses can lead to death. Signs of heroin overdose include:

–    Bluish or purple nails or lips

–    Coma

–    Depressed, labored breathing

–    Disorientation or delirium

–    Extreme drowsiness/sedation

–    Pinpoint pupils

–    Repeated episodes of loss of consciousness

–    Weak pulse

In case of a heroin overdose be sure to call 911 immediately.